When should I expect my order?

Order processing is 3-5 days, but it usually takes fewer days than listed. Following this, orders are shipped within 3-5 business days unless you’ve selected express shipping.


This is my first wig and I may need some help. Where can I get some tips?

Follow my Youtube Page: @ Yorubaddie for Video tutorials, tricks, and more!

Follow our Instagram account: @WabiWigs for tips, tricks, and more!

In the LA area and need to book an installation? Book IG: @WabiWigs


This is real human hair. Is it clean?

Our bundles are washed in a special cleaning solution then dried so they can arrive squeaky clean in the perfect condition just for you.


What about shedding?

WabiWigs uses double layered wefts in order to diminish shedding. For added precaution, our wefts are also sealed. Curly units tend to shed more than non-textured units. The best way to prevent shedding is to comb your WabiWig daily after each wear!


Is there a difference between the length of straight hair and curly hair?

If the length matches, ex. 22” curly vs. 22” straight, curly may appear shorter because it is not stretched. Curly hair should be measured stretched.


Can I straighten or curl this hair?

Yes. You can apply heat to curl, straighten, or create whichever style you like with this hair. In order to avoid heat damage, we suggest using a heat protectant. Treating your WabiWigs hair with care will allow it to last longer.


Can I change the color of this hair?

Yes. Our hair is 100% Human Hair. So you can dye it just like its your own! Keep in mind that incorrectly dying any hair, even your natural hair, may cause permanent chemical damage.



Feel free to *MESSAGE* us at (818) 253-4887 for any and all inquiries and I will get back to you as soon as possible! We are also available by email at WabiWigsandExtensions@gmail.com.