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About Us

I started my hair company with my sister when I was a senior in undergrad. I always admired those in the hair industry. It was a skill that I secretly hoped I would magically inherit. Realizing that talent is watered by practice and constancy, with faith in God, I birthed a dream. I knew that I wanted to do my hair myself. What I didn’t know was if I had the right products or the skills to get me there. I researched, I learned.  I was hungry to know all there is to know about wigs, laces, and extensions - and what qualities makes each product the easiest to work with. I quickly learned that  a good foundation can make or break your look! Amidst this, I started an installation service @WabiWigsinstalls (ig), and I am able to have an income using my own hair from my very own company! My craft  became the motivation behind my business.

At WabiWigs, we aim to provide women with products you can trust to help you achieve your desired look and develop your stylist within!